For many years, Bärbel Löffel-Schröder was in charge of the children’s ministry in FCJG. Besides, she became an increasingly well-renounced author of Christian children’s stories, i.e. through quite a number of the Maike stories and radio play CDs. Recently Bärbel handed responsibilities of the children’s ministries over to Christiane Leistner. She continues to live at the Vision House (former Mission House), and she will expand her activities as an author and freelance artist. You are welcome to invite her to children’s events and readings. Please find details on her website.

Bärbel, we would like to thank you for your wonderful leadership over so many years and your extraordinary engagement. You put your evangelistic calling into action and reached thousands of children in Lüdenscheid and Germany with the message of Jesus. Bärbel, you are so gifted in bringing the Christian faith very naturally into the everyday life of children. What a blessing! Especially children from fringe groups and socially devastated backgrounds in Lüdenscheid have encountered Jesus through you ... and there are more to come. Thank you very much for your open heart and your investment. We are looking forward to the future with you!

At Pentecoast 2016 Bärbel Löffel-Schröder, Christiane Leistner and Petra Erkens (FCJG/HELP International Leader) will lead the Kids-Conference “Burning Hearts Kids”, that takes place collateral to the Conference “Burning Hearts” in Lüdenscheid. We welcome you all to join it!

Danke von Herzen 1.2



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