Be the answer - that is the goal of the school. That you come here, being trained and equipped to go where God sends you. This preparation to work in the Kingdom of God is a holistic training, which is why we are a practical bible school, where there is always room to directly implement what you have heard. The REVIVAL SCHOOL is a full-time school, where we not only experience lessons together, but also work together, eat together, live in one room and so on. This year should be a year where you meet God deeply and experience how He changes you and sends you at the same time. In all this, the Holy Spirit makes the difference for us. So we do have a curriculum, guest speakers, plans etc. but are always open to flexibility to follow what God is emphasizing. We as a team of co-workers want to support you and simply make room for God to work. And this is how it will look like in practice:

Sessions & Curriculum

Every day we have sessions as a whole school where we are before God. These times can look very different and are all part of our curriculum. Whether it's corporate worship, teaching, revival groups or anything else, it's all an important part of what makes the school what it is. And should create space for you to grow in all areas!

Evangelism and Missions

"Therefore go!" - Everything we do has this one goal, to be equipped to go. And of course this should not only happen after the school year, but is an active part throughout the year on different levels. Because evangelism and mission are nothing else but to pass on God's love and to see that others come into his kingdom. And not through words alone, but through the power of the Holy Spirit. We love to go out into the streets with the gifts of the Spirit and see how God touches, changes, heals and liberates hearts! In the streets of our cities as well as at the ends of the earth.

Living in Community

Where is discipleship most practical? In life with other people. That's why living together is at the heart of our community, because that's where you definitely learn the most - first and foremost about yourself! Whether in the work area, in the room or in other everyday encounters, that's where the training happens, which goes straight to the heart. This is the best form of discipleship because it is applied and first of all it changes our hearts. That is why living together is as important a part of your training as all the inputs - because: "By loving each other they will know that you are my disciples.


The REVIVAL SCHOOL is a part of the "Freie Christliche Jugendgemeinschaft" (FCJG) and "HELP International". This means that you will not only become part of the school community but also part of an international family - in Lüdenscheid and far beyond. Meetings with the whole community are also integrated into our everyday school life. Whether it's services, family evenings, mission prayer or other things, you will meet many people and experience first-hand what it can look like to live as a full-time servant in the Kingdom of God. Even if we can't go to all nations within a year, you will hear from our missionaries and have a share in what is happening in the nations and opportunities to become active yourself. As HELP International we have different ministries abroad, which also offer the possibility to take further steps towards mission after school.

Get to know us

There are also other opportunities to get to know the Revival School including The Special weeks or an Experience Week. The best option is the year-long school as we want to equip you for full-time ministry and mission, but it's also possible to join the REVIVAL SCHOOL for one or multiple months throughout the year to get to know us more. 

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