Jesus said that we are to do the same works as he did – and even greater ones. We want to release people to enter into this dimension, however, not by making use of human options, but by God’s options. Not by human methods, but in his ways. This can only happen by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised his power to us. We are commissioned to create a vessel for people to get filled and equipped with the Holy Spirit and his power, so they become bold witnesses of Jesus by not walking in their own ways but in God’s ways. Thus, the kingdom of God, his love and power will not only become visible in Germany and Europe, but even unto the ends of this earth!
All of this is being released through discipleship, bible based teachings, training in how to apply the gift of the Spirit and through evangelism; through acknowledging who I am in Jesus and most important – who Jesus is to me! In all of this we are not after imparting any theory, but it’s all about living in a relationship with Jesus and experiencing the dimension of God’s kingdom here on earth!
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