Mila and Lea, two young ladies from Croatia; Maike and Hendrik - just recently took the step to get to know us as a community for a period of time.
Read and listen in to this video of what they've experienced and how the Holy Spirit met them.

Maike, 25yrs. old

The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong. I found it so nice to hear from the people how they got set free from drugs, depression and/or other problems. In this time of "living together in community" I got so encouraged to do further steps of faith and being used by God because people need His Love and deliverance! It was challenging to go to the streets and evangelize but it was all worth it! For quite some time in my life, I had those thoughts about myself of not being able to speak well and that I'm not also good at other things. But since I know that God can do anything, I'm gonna walk by faith and also experience that He can really use me. Fears are leaving and the feeling of inferiority as well. Instead, the love of God is taking more and more room in me...

Hendrik, 35yrs old
I was welcomed so warmly here. During my stay of 8 days, I gained great insight into the community life shared in the Missionhouse, Revival School, and the Wiedenhof. Thank you so much for this time.

To follow Jesus as a community; having a burning heart for Him and each other! This is one of our pillars as FCJG: Living-together. If you also would like to come to know us as a community you are very much welcome to become part of us for a week or 2 or even longer. Join into our lifestyle of worship, prayer, and evangelism; and also experience how God will use you and make you become a blessing for others.

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