"Red jacket, jeans, her name is Anna..."

These were detailed impressions we got from God during our prayer and I have to say, I was really amazed when we met this lady after a short time. It is always amazing how God knows the life of every single human being.

Watch this encouraging clip here:

We always start our evangelistic outreaches with prayer. When we asked God for specific impressions for the time ahead of us, we received some words, which got confirmed in the streets.

"Painful foot"

We met a man who lives in the streets. He came to Lüdenscheid only recently and was about to leave the city again. We shared Jesus with Him and God the Father who loves him and could encourage him that he will be a carrier of hope through Jesus. After that, he invited Jesus into his heart.
This man really had pain in his right foot and right arm. We could pray for him and the pain lessened.

"Buy a rose...

for a lady and encourage her that I, Jesus, loves her." This word came to me quietly during prayer time. I bought the rose but which lady should I give it to? As we walked searching through the city one lady came walking towards us, "that's her..." entered my mind but I hesitated until we lost sight of her. Soon we had to go back so I decided to approach the next lady that would come my way. The woman said she is a Buddhist and didn't like to take my rose. A bit disappointed with that response I turned around. That's when this lady from earlier walked right into me. I could share Jesus with her and how much He loves her. She was immediately touched by the Love of God and tears came to her eyes.

It is really exciting when we go into the streets with the Holy Spirit and follow His lead. God is good and every single person is precious to Him. Together with Him, we can find these treasures...

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