We have had a hot evangelistic summer in which we have seen the power of the Holy Spirit! No matter where we went to worship Jesus and preached his word - people were touched by the presence of God everywhere. They experience Him and invite Jesus into their lives. It’s the presence of God that always hovers over places when we prophetically worship with songs inspired by the Holy Spirit. If it’s Lüdenscheid, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Cologne or Iserlohn, no matter where, people stop asking: “What is this?” - “There is such a special atmosphere here.” - “What are you guys doing? I sense such pure joy.” - “Here is so much peace!” They are surprised, some do not want to leave anymore and others are getting annoyed. Two teenage girls just cried while experiencing this extraordinary presence and God’s love being poured into their hearts. They have never experienced this before, they said. They just knew, this is Jesus - no doubt about it - they invited him into their lives. Their African friend immediately started to preach to a group of young Muslims about this Jesus right after he himself invited him into his life. He secretly wiped off a tear, after he received several prophetic words that spoke right into his situation. This Jesus is the answer!

ueberrascht vom heiligen geist 1.2

And why would God hold back for Atheists? With his walking stick lifted up high, a man danced crossing the street ... “Why is he laughing like that?”, two girls asked, others answered: “Because he just got healed!” The pain in his hip left after prayer, he hardly could believe it - because God was not part of his life till then. And ... and... and... endless stories of how Jesus came into people's lives. And all of this happened right on the streets of Germany. We are seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance and listen to God’s voice, and then act upon it: We serve people with prophetic words or words of knowledge that are coming right from God’s heart and spoken into their personal situation. As a result, the sick are getting healed and the gospel of the cross is preached open air ... and in everything it’s God’s miraculous guidance is behind it.
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