My name is Karl, I am 29 years old and come from Switzerland. For two months I was living in the “Visionhouse” and joined the FCJG Fellowship. This was a real godsend for me. I encountered God in a new way. It was a real blessing. I really appreciated the fellowship here and that the people are so decided to live for God's kingdom. I like that the people live a lifestyle of worship with evangelism, outreaches, devotion times and the Saturday night services too.

It’s so easy: God loves me as I am and not for what I do. I learned again to be before God. I always wanted to do things in my own strength. Often it didn’t work and I was very frustrated. Now I realize that first of all, I can be before him in his presence to receive, before I give. The bibleverses of 1st Corinthians 14, 26: „Everyone has something...“ impressed me. I experienced how God spoke to me and I allowed God to do so again. It is a good learning process: to share with others what I received from God and to become more secure and familiar with it. I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in a new way, too. In the Special Week with Walter Heidenreich the power of God rested so strong upon me that I could feel his peace and deep love like never before. It is so good to be in his love. I want to receive more of it.

And I gained a new burning heart for the nations: Since I knew Jesus, I wanted to become a missionary. A few years ago, God gave me a desire for a specific nation. But I was distracted from this call by other things in my life, like marriage, work and also my studies. Now I´m so thankful, because I experienced a new desire and hunger to follow God’s call in my heart. I´m very encouraged to follow this way.

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