Ben Fitzgerald im Missionshaus

During BURNING HEARTS the history and the vision of the „Mission house“ lighted up - a story of the Holy Spirit - a story, which He wrote with very common people and which He will continue to write. 

On Sunday afternoon we celebrated the 40th anniversary of FCJG-community. Therefor we opened our house to the participants of BURNING HEARTS. About 50 different people came to the "Mission house", the centre of FCJG City Mission. They heard how God used usual people to spread His love and power in the city of Lüdenscheid for years. There were many testimonies and stories about how people with very different backgrounds - from homelessness, marginality, loneliness, asylum - or through FCJG children ministry, received God’s love and leading into a life of freedom.

Our guest speaker Ben Fitzgerald gave the „creme topping“ as he challenged the listeners with a simple and clear message: „Jesus wants to deliver you from fear of men, so you can be filled with the Holy Spirit and declare His kingdom in love and power everywhere! With God’s love you can make a difference in the life of a person or a whole nation." Many of our guests were touched by the testimonies from FCJG City Mission and took the challenge by Ben’s message. In the following prayer time many of them were set free from fear of men and received the Holy Spirit.

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