Our HEAVEN’S SOUND Cafe for refugees was    - since we opened in January - filled with mainly muslim guests from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Albania, sometimes even from Afrika or China. We offered tea, salty snacks and biscuits. As we had continuous live worship, the guests received the presence of God as well!   Many received the peace and the joy of Jesus as the worship band was singing songs about God’s love, hope and truth.   A man from Pakistan said he had visited many places in Germany    - but here he felt peace!   Some of our guests invited Jesus into their hearts. Many were healed spontaneously after having received prayer.  

A Pakistani man for example one day come to the HEAVEN’S SOUND with a sad face. Why? He had a strong pain in his leg since days, and the doctor could not help him. We prayed in thename of Jesus ... and the pain disappeared! This man went home very happy!   A woman from Syria had already had contact to christians during her flight. Now a friend had brought her to the HEAVEN’S SOUND. She heard that Jesus can heal and asked for prayer against her constant headaches. After prayer the headache was gone. She invited Jesus into her heart and happily received a New Testament in her language.   A young man from Bangladesh had a painful strain in his neck. The doctor had recommended him to receive seven injections to loosen the strain. „Oh no, I am afraid of injections! No-Go! I prefer to ask my friends from the HEAVEN’S SOUND to pray for healing!“ That’s how he came. We prayed for him, on the spot he became better and finally he was totally ok. He was radiant with joy and said THANK YOU to Jesus!

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