„We have seen it, and testify to it and proclaim to you the eternal life…!” (1. John 1,2)

Jesus is the life. He is the source of life and through Jesus everything will turn into something new. We celebrated Jesus in the centre of Lüdenscheid  through sharing what He did in our lives: depression turned into joy, drug addiction turned into freedom, guilt was forgiven. People were able to come out of broken relationships  and fund real love in Jesus.  Fear of death and sorrows turned into peace and eternal life. We worshipped Jesus through songs, dance, flags and instruments -  it was a joyful service in public.  We received prophetic words from God for some pedestrian and they really got encouraged. We prayed for people and shared personal experiences with God via microphone. Two people invited Jesus into their lives and people experienced physical healing. The Sternplatz of Lüdenscheid became like a living-room of God, filled with the presence of God.  God’s love is real and He gives life, that remains for eternity!

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