"Tengerin Doo Kids 2" on 29th April:

„To drive 4 hours to a christian seminar for children?“, a mother asked herself. But it was worth it.
„I was hoping that our children would encounter the Holy Spirit personally. They met him as a living person who is talking to them and other children in a loving, creative, exciting and enjoyable way! It was awesome!“ - was the mother writing after the seminar.

At the second children seminar we also experient the children being really open and willing to participate and getting deeper into spiritual dimensions. Some children came from far away to be there and get to know more of the Holy Spirit.
The thought of becoming friends with the Holy Spirit was new for some but they were open to go into it and received prayer in a deep way.

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It was a great experience for the children to discover that God uses them in prayer for other children, prophetic words and in realizing godly impulses.
Lemuel said to this: „ It was great that the Holy Spirit was there and that children dared to say something or pray for others.“
In the workshops the children were able to draw prophetic pictures, to dance, to proclaim God's Word and to experience the Holy Spirit.

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In the painting workshop one girl received a picture for Tengerin Doo Kids: a cross with glitter running out to all sides. We felt that the picture was about forgiveness.
So the day ended with a calling to receive new forgiveness from Jesus. It was impressive to see how deep and dear the children gathered at the cross.

We are really looking forward to the next Tengerin Doo Kids on 1. July. You are all welcome!
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Here are some testimonies from the last Tengerin Doo Kids Seminary on March 4:

Josiah, 6 years, prayed for children to recieve the praying in tounges.
Raquel, 6 years, was set free in dancing and danced full of joy and freedom for Jesus.
David, 6 years, and Léon 10 years, recieved both the same picture from God about God pouring out water on dry land.
Samuel, 11 years, recieved a word of knowledge that there are children in the room, who can't really believe that God do exist and does really love them. Some children raised their hands and recieved prayer.
Ronja, 7 years, saw a picture of heaven and the throne of God.
Paula, 12 years, got healed of footpain.
A boy, 11 years, rested in the Holy Spirit and experienced that God spoke to him about his calling.

The children were so excited: „We should do this thousand times!“, and are looking forward to the next „Tengerin Doo Kids“ on 29 April and 1st July .
You are very welcome to join even with a whole kidsgroup and stay as staff. Get in contact with us, if you are interested.

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