Dear Friends,

after 10 years of faithful service from our VW Bus (bought already used), we as the FCJG City Mission are now urgent in need of a new Minibus! In June 2017 we will not get the needed TÜV certification because of expensive repair we cannot afford. And the bus also still have the red enviromental badge, so we are not allowed to enter the lager cities in the "Ruhrgebiet" area to do evangelistic outreaches.

From all of our hearts we wish to get a new Minibus! We need one for evangelistic outreaches in Luedenscheid and other cities in NRW. We not only transport people but also a big mobile loudspeaker system that helps us to preach the gospel with a lot of creativity, testimonies and music. The bus is also used for regular Projects in Luedenscheid, like help and services for children, migrants and marginalized groups: picking them up for children programs or church services, driving to Jails and refugee homes, and also transproting furniture or relief supplies.

Who could help us? We expect costs of 15.000€ for a used but well preserved 9-seats-minibus. We are thankful for every help and financial support! Interest-free loans are possible and helpful, too. For every donation (noted: new Minibus) we will issue a donation certificat at the beginning of next year.

If you know about a well preserved minibus for sale, please inform us! We would be very greatful!

Best regard from Luedenscheid!

Christiane Leistener, Bruno Löffel and all FCJG City Mission worker

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