We want a new fire of God that captures the people's hearts in our city. We want to have a new harvest in the city and see a new generation invading the country and bringing God's presence back into our city. We recently received some impressions while praying prophetically that are very strategical to our city. Many years ago we already walked and prayed around the city borders. But it is time to do it again. We also want to exert the spiritual authority through prayer in the name of Jesus on the heights of Lüdenscheid. To spiritually occupy the city's gates, the access roads to Lüdenscheid, through worship again.

„Walk around Zion and count the towers“ (Ps 48;12)
„Enter the temple gates with thansgiving; go into its courts with praise.“ (Ps 100;4)

In 8 teams we marked the 54 km (34 miles) border around Lüdenscheid with prayer.


You can look at some poweful prophetic words with pictures of the prayer walk in the following gallery:
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