"Tengerin Doo Kids 3" on 1th Juli: Painting God's secret language

What is the result of children painting how God's secret language – speaking in tongues- feels like? Hearts, love, light, freedom, joy, fresh water, special, music... that are some key words for the pictures that came out. 


Petra Feddersen, FCJG and Help International leader, was at the third Tengerin Doo Kids Seminar on 1. June. In the morning she teached about the Holy Spirit and his power in everyday life. It was an awesome day! At the afternoon many healings happened when the children layed hands on each other: pain in knees, ears and stomach disappeared, a finger that was stiff became more movable. One girls that experienced healing was so happy that she instantly sang a spontanious worshipsong for Jesus: „ Jesus, you are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, we love you, all honor to you!“

The children made golden worship cape for Jesus. They wrote personal honorings and who or how Jesus is on post-its. In short time the cape was filled with the most beautiful words of worship like: Jesus you are my Shepherd and helper, youe are a doctor, God you are almighty, strong and courageous... In other Situations children got prophetic words, layed down burdens at the cross or danced for Jesus.

At the end the children prayed for Germany. Before there was the impression during worship time that God pours out fire and water ( both symbols for the Holy Spirit) on Germany. God gave the children many impressions for our Land, for example that God wants to give us a new passion for Jesus, that darkness ( black hat) will be changed to light ( white hat) and that God puts the „cape of woship“ as a protection over Germany.

We are very excited about what and how God moves among children! That's why Tengerin Doo Kids will go on! We invite you warmly!
Saturday, 30.09.2017: Tengerin Doo Kids 4, in the Prayerhouse. 10-16h. Registration and infos.

We are looking forward to you!
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