Every thursday we go out in our city to bring the good news through God's love, prophetic words and the power for healing to the people. Recently we invited people for the Worship event „ Come to the light“.
We believe that miracles happen in the presence of God. But we also experienced how we can be light and how easy it is to bring God's love to the streets. We did not just invite for an event. Our message was „ Come to the light“. The „Kluse“ is a varied and mixed district. There are living people from many different nations. We passed some Cafes and Bars while we were playing on our instruments and worshipping Jesus. There are also many gambling and drinking halls. Right next to a playground a syrian family lives with 6 children. They are muslims but very open for talks about Jesus. I myself being dressed as a Clown givng the children Baloon Animals. Two women of our group are talking with the mother. She is very open and tells her story. The two women prayed for her and tears came running over her face.
Meanwhile a guy of our group got into a conversation with a Barkeeper. He is in his mid-twenties and has already been in jail with 18. We told him about Jesus and prayed and sang prophetically for him.
Beitragsbild 1 Kluse

Beitragsbild 2 Kluse
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