this was how Walter Heidenreich put it proclaiming the full gospel in our city, after we all had been worshipping Jesus with spontaneous songs on the city center square.
Some of our people were getting prophetic impressions for people, who stood watching on the square. As those words often hit the mark they brought life to those who received them.
For example, there was a Muslim man: God showed one of our girls that he was suffering from back pain. When he confirmed that, another team member prayed for him. As a result the pain completely subsided. On top of that someone else had a word of knowledge for him concerning his life. As it turned out to be very precise, it left the man totally amazed so that he promised to join our next service. 
It´s never too late to receive new life ! "What is salvation?" a 86-year-old man asked. One of our guys answered in sharing the full gospel with him. As a result he invited the One who has true life into his heart- JESUS!
People could sense that the relationship we have with Jesus is real. This is what a young girl who had watched us worshipping said. And this is exactly what she and the whole city is longing for!

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