Hello, I'm Natalie from Berlin. I was at the Power Week 'Shake the City'.

We went to the streets every day to tell people about Jesus. At the beginning I was a little concerned because street evangelisms challenged me. They always took a lot of my power, but God changed a lot in that week. My prayer was to be able to share the love of Jesus naturally.
Now I can talk to people very easily and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I don't have to think about it anymore but can just tell about my beautiful King.
God also blessed my Ministry in Berlin with growth. I organise street evangelisms where just a few people joined me. It is so exciting to see more people coming with us to share the love of Jesus. We just place tables and chairs in a park and 'take the land'. We sing songs, inspired by the Holy Spirit, receive prophetic or biblical words and the atmosphere changes. People stopping because they feel the change, the love and warmth. God's presence makes the Evangelism easier.
During the Power Week I got inspired how street evangelism can look like practically and spiritually. If you wish a change for you, your evangelisms or your city, Luedenscheid will be a great place be changed.
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