"The king is coming! " This shout is resounding into the City Center Square of Luedenscheid. Loud trumpet sounds as well as the words of Isaiah 53 are preparing the way. In a solemn triumphal procession we are marching towards the center. Accompanied with shouts of joy a wooden cross is planted into the middle of the square. The best message in the world is being proclaimed."The cross is empty! Jesus is alive!" A first spectator gives his life to Jesus and others follow. For example a young Iranian listening to the testimony of one of our guys who just recently was set free from drugs in House Wiedenhof. A woman from another town who had lost relationship with Jesus just happens to be in Luedenscheid for shopping. But this afternoon obviously was not a random event as it is turning out to become a fresh encounter with Jesus for her. Talking to a bypasser someone gets a word about pain in the collarbone. After having received prayer the man is able again to painlessly move his arm. There are others being healed from shoulder pain and migraine. There are more words of knowledge fitting to what people just are experiencing in their lives. By those thruths their hearts are softened  for Jesus.
We are just excited and thankful for what God has done!

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