Right in front of the doors to our worship hall, an Easter bonfire is burning. Hundreds swarm to that place. It’s not desperately the setting where you imagine to encounter Jesus, however, these were the places Jesus went to. And because of that, we went in small groups to the festival to tell people about Jesus. It is always a miracle when people on the streets open their hearts to Jesus, when they give us permission to pray and invite Jesus into their lives as their Saviour! God works miracles – today! Read for yourselves what we have witnessed … five people invited Jesus into their lives.

Arion (27), from Switzerland:    Arion Stadtmission Zeugnis

I was crossing the dark festival area at the train station of Luedenscheid. Thousands of young people were gathered. Many were already drunk. Suddenly I felt the need to approach a certain man and tell him what God thinks about him. The word 'dream' came to my mind.

The man was really exhausted and I think he had taken lots of drugs and alcohol. I went to talk to him. I started to speak about all the dreams he had as a child, everything he had desired for his life.The atmosphere changed. The man looked into my eyes. Suddenly he was very clear and sober. He asked how I could know about all of these things. Then he said: »My dreams are all broken. I don't have any hope. I was planning to put an end to my life tonight. I already tried to commit suicide once, but it didn't work.«I said to him: »Hey, this is your night to encounter God! God knows you and he loves you. He has a plan for your life. Jesus died for you.« From the inside of his jacket he took a bag with drugs and pills. »I wanted to take these tonight and commit suicide, because I don't have any hope!«I asked him if he wanted to give his life to Jesus, who makes all things new and is able to also revive his childhood dreams. On the spot he invited Jesus into his life. Then we went to the Easter bonfire and he threw all of his drugs and pills into it. His countenance was completely changed after that.I'm still in touch with him and hope that he is going to do drug rehab at the Wiedenhof.

Sandi (29), from Germany:     Sandi Stadmission Zeugnis

I had the impression to approach a girl. As we were talking, the young man beside her was listening very attentively. He started to share about his life. He told us how hopeless he was and that for the past six years he has prayed every night to God to help him. When I asked him if he had already given his life to Jesus and received him as his saviour, he asked me how he should do that. I explained and prayed for him to receive the love of God. Then he gave his life to Jesus. It was so easy, and this young man was absolutely prepared by God!

Gabriela (on the right side), 25 years from Brasil:     Gabriel für Stadtmission Zeugnis

I approached this girl in the line in front of the restroom, asking if she could speak English and introducing myself. In that moment I had this feeling from the Holy Spirit, that she was doubting if she is loved or not and I felt so much love from God for her. Then I told her, what I felt and started sharing about how much God loves her and that He wants her to be sure of it. It was just the day before Easter and I showed her the connection between the death and resurrection of Jesus and that it was for her. I asked her if I could pray for her.  At the end of the prayer I really felt that I should ask her, if she wants to accept Jesus as her only Savior and she said YES. We prayed together and she gave her life to Jesus.

Alyssa, 30 years from USA:     Alyssa Stadtmission Zeugnis

A friend and I approached a group of about six young people. We asked them, if they knew English and then I shared with them about having a relationship with Jesus, but they did not seem interested. I asked them if they had ever experienced God and they said "No."  I asked them if they wanted to and they also said "No."  Anyway, we offered to pray with them. Then one of the guys looked over at a young woman in the group and said: "You can go first."  Her friends left her with us and we could tell that it was awkward for her.  But then the Holy Spirit began to give us encouraging words for her and she began to experiencing the love of God.  My friend asked her if she was feeling peace and she said “Yes”.  We asked her if she wanted to always have that peace.  She said “Yes” and prayed to receive Jesus!


Yuliya (21), from Germany:

I saw a girl who was my age sitting alone at a table. I went to her and started a conversation. I just asked her where she was from, what she was doing and finally if she also believed in Jesus and has experienced him. She said she knew church services and youth groups and asked how I experienced Jesus. I told her of how Jesus changed my life, how he is talking to me in prayer and my daily life and explained that she can also invite Jesus into her life. She was really excited and wanted to experience Jesus like I did. We prayed together and she invited Jesus into her life. After that her friends came. She urged me to tell them also of how I experience Jesus, and I could also pray for them and encourage them.

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