Every city has it´s places that are like open wounds. A refugee camp in our towns has such a feel about it. The atmosphere is just filled with hopelessness: so many unfulfilled expectations, dreams that didn’t come true, a dead end! There are dozens of young men from Africa and Asia without a realistic hope of being granted a long term right of abode, fighting frustration, bitterness, fear and suicidal thoughts…a breeding ground for violence and addiction. All that moved us in prayer, so that finally an unusual impulse of the Holy Spirit led us into action. Armed with buckets, scrubs and guitars we set out to the camp.While scrubbing the dirty stairways we fill the houses with loud songs of praises and worship. The presence of the Holy Spirit spreads in a tangible way. As we are singing of His love and salvation in the midst of a hopeless situation, we decorate the stairways with two paintings specially designed for this place.

Schnapper Eisnatz 2018 Extra1
Meanwhile more and more curious residents pop their heads out of the windows and doors. We share the message of new life in Jesus with them. A twenty-year old from Sri Lanka invites Jesus into his life. Men from Africa, Armenia, and Mongolia receive prayer.
A young man from Somalia is impressed: “No one ever has cleaned the stairways here before.” He wants to know more about Jesus, so we leave an Arabic bible with him. Suddenly a biker from Iran shows up. He says: “I just drove here – I don´t even know why…” While talking and receiving prayer he senses that Jesus is real and that He wants to meet him again. He promises to keep in touch.God´s light triumphs over darkness! We want to see this place and it´s residents changed.t´s worthwhile to follow the hints of the Holy Spirit and boldly bring His light into those dark places.

Schnapper Einsatz 2018 Extra2

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