All over the market place the song „Jesus, you are here- we love your presence“ were sounding. Full of joy we were worshipping Jesus, the king of Lüdenscheid while He came with his presence.
Flowing from His presence a mix of gospel, healing testimonies and evangelism was resulting.
Young or old, of german or foreign citizenship- God´s love stretches out to everyone. Different people were caught by His love and invited Jesus into their hearts.

Straßeneinsatz 6.09.2018 Extra2

Different prophetic impressions hit the mark and 3 teenager gave their lifes to Jesus as well. An old man and a polnish young lady responded after hearing the gospel and opened their hearts to Jesus.
„Any kind of lack does not come from God!“ one staff was sharing to 2 Roma women, who were begging in the streets. He shared the love of God to them and that Jesus can fill in all want. One of them invited Jesus into her heart.
We are very happy that 8 people got saved this afternoon. And one more time we experienced that God`s presence makes the difference!

Straßeneinsatz 6.09.2018 Extra1

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