Some weeks ago, we, as the citymission, organized an evening where we invited many needy people from the city. We had good food and fellowship; but surely we told the people about Jesus and what had changed in our own lives through Him. When the evening was about to end, I came to know Patrick, a 25 year old Christian who was born in Africa and now lives here in Germany for not so long yet. On this same evening, Patrick shared to me that he felt he should get baptized.

I was full of joy when I heard this and agreed with him that this was a very good idea. Directly, just after some days, we drove to a nearby swimming pool with some people and baptized Patrick. He confessed Jesus again in public as his personal Savior and right after he got baptized, he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit while still in the water. At once, we all started to pray in tongues together; Patrick also prayed like a champion. God is good and more than willing to pour out His Holy Spirit! Soon Patrick will join the “School of God”. This is a discipleship training school in Lüdenscheid where he will learn more about the life in the Holy Spirit and many other areas.
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