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Only You (Code: PF-OnYo-DL)

My journey with God
This album is a journey. A journey through dephts and heights. A journey with questions and answers. A journey of tears of joy and of pain. It simply is the journey of life and intimacy with God.
That's where all these songs derive from. They are meant to encourage, to comfort and to strengthen you, to find rest, to revive dreams within you, to lead you into worship and most of all to surprise you with God's presence no matter where you listen to it.

01 - Du bist vor allem (Above all)
02 - Du sollst geehrt sein (You shall be glorified)
03 - Du bist so wunderschön (You are so beautiful)
04 - Psalm 23 (To Birgit)
05 - You are so beautiful
06 - Die Liebe bleibt (Love will remain)
07 - Kleines Danklied (A song of Gratefulness)
08 - As a seal
09 - Superheld (Super Hero)
10 - Du bist heilig (You are holy)
11 - Liebe meines Lebens (Love of my Life)
12 - My all in all

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Demo - 01 - Du bis vor allemplay
Demo - 02 - Du sollst geehrt seinplay
Demo - 03 - Du bist so wunderschönplay
Demo - 04 - Psalm 23 (Für Birgit)play
Demo - 05 - You are so beautifulplay
Demo - 06 - Die Liebe bleibtplay
Demo - 07 - Kleines Dankliedplay
Demo - 08 - As a sealplay
Demo - 09 - Superheldplay
Demo - 10 - Du bist heiligplay
Demo - 11 - Liebe meines Lebensplay
Demo - 12 - My all in allplay
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