»Heaven reacts to prayer«
Suzette Hattingh is a gift of God for our country and the nations. She does not only pray, but lives prayer in the dimension of power and breakthrough. It’s a great privilege to have her with us in Lüdenscheid, to learn from her and to be trained by her. This seminar will give you an understanding about how to pray and to reign with God. For Suzette it is not unusual to experience that heaven reacts to prayer – on a personal level as well as in respect of cities and nations. Be ignited by the fire of God and experience that prayer transforms your life, your family and our country. As someone who incorporates prayer as a deep foundation in your life, you can move more for your country than the mighty ones in politics, economics and society. Beyond that Suzette is a woman of God, who is familiar with the intimacy and seclusion, the proximity to the Father and His love. Come into a deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit through her teachings and prayers – deeper than you have known it so far – and discover your calling as a king and priest in prayer.

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One week after »Feuer des Gebets« we will have the »Church on Fire« weekend seminar with Siegfried Tomaczewski and Walter Heidenreich. Between the two seminars we invite you to share life with us in one of our houses - and join both seminars. For information and registration click here:

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SuzetteSuzette Hattingh
From 1980 to 1996, Suzette Hattingh was part of Reinhard Bonnke's ministry "Christ for all Nations" (CfaN). Heading up the intercession department, Suzette played a major role in the worldwide campaign preparations and the general ministry, later becoming Reinhard's associate evangelist.
Her ministry of prayer during the Reinhard Bonnke evangelistic outreaches, often coupled with one-to-one evangelism and street evangelism, has brought thousands of souls into the kingdom of God and has motivated numerous Christians in prayer and personal evangelism.
An evangelist in her own right, Suzette's ministry quickly broadened into major evangelistic outreaches. On 1 January 1997, Suzette Hattingh together with Gayle Claxton, founded 'Voice in the City' an international, interdenominational missions organisation, endeavouring to reach out to the lost and broken-hearted, irrespective of their walk of life.
An integral part of the ministry is healing, having been used strongly by the Lord for signs and wonders. As well as worldwide evangelistic campaigns, Suzette has a strong call from the Lord to concentrate on cities and local communities. Under the banner of servanthood, she reaches out with the same passion to one soul as to a million. Although a passionate evangelist, Suzette is also gifted in edifying and equipping the body of Christ through motivational preaching and teaching.
As an author, her anointed teachings, seasoned with experience, have been an inspiration to thousands across the world.

GayleGayle Claxton was a member of Reinhard Bonnke's ministry "Christ for all Nations" (CfaN) from 1987 – 1996. She initially joined as a general helper but the Lord soon opened the door for her in the intercession team under the leadership of Suzette Hattingh. Gayle worked preparing crusades and street outreaches and through this became an anointed motivational preacher and teacher.
On 1st January 1997, Gayle Claxton together with Suzette Hattingh founded "Voice in the City", an international, interdenominational missions organization. This marked the beginning of the adventure of fulfilling the vision given to them.
Gayle's humorous yet down-to-earth- and effective style of teaching has resulted in her being a highly sought after conference speaker. Her anointed teachings, both written and spoken, carry an authority and anointing clearly endorsed through years of experience. Gayle's true calling is in teaching and building the body of Christ in all aspects of their walk and growth.
Gayle' is Suzette's co-preacher travelling both locally and internationally and is an author in her own right. She works alongside her husband Stephen as co-directors of "Voice in the City". Gayle and Stephen have a son, Matthew.


Date and Time
Sat, February 24, 2018, 10:00 am - 05:00 pm

30 € per person (in cash at the pay desk)

Place of event
Prayer mountain, Wislader Weg 9, 58513 Lüdenscheid

Further Information
If you have questions or need further information, we are happy to help.
Fon: +49 (0 23 51) 35 80 39


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