March for Jesus – in the past and present

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March for Jesus, how does it work?

Do you love Jesus and have you got infected by the desire to bring His name to the streets of your city and make Him famous?
Then this collection of 10 advices, collected from Marches for Jesus in the past, could help you to plan your own March for Jesus.

» March for Jesus, how does it work?

March for Jesus – Vision

»Where are actually all these Christians?
Why aren't they to be found on the streets?«
In the early 90s, I was privileged to be part of the global »March for Jesus« movement (MfJ) in which course I was responsible for several marches. Thousands gathered in Nuremburg, Lüdenscheid and Berlin for one purpose alone: to go to the streets for Jesus, to openly and publicly worship him and to pray for Germany. The two national Marches in Berlin alone counted more than 135,000 people, and the name of Jesus echoed throughout the capital city. This was an act of vital significance for the visible and invisible world: Christians of all denominations gathered together in unity! A hitch went through God’s people in Germany. After years of hiding, shame and restraint, German Christians rose up and spoke with one voice … and – the most significant – they publicly carried the German flag. Back then, you hardly ever saw anyone doing this. However, since Germany’s »Summer Tale« of 2006 (World Soccer Championship), any big event in Germany cannot be imagined without the German flag.

After the second »March for Jesus« in Berlin, I felt that a season had come to an end. As body of Christ we had risen up in public, we had repented, we had invited the Holy Spirit into Germany anew – that was it, it was time to move on. Furthermore, God highlighted other things …

I was more than astounded when out of the blue »March for Jesus« was suddenly on the agenda again in the beginning of this year. I felt the Holy Spirit’s urge to do IT again. Should we? On my ministry trips throughout Germany as well as in our own community, many – especially young people – asked, »Can we do IT again?« Yes, we can … and we will!

On May 19, 2018 we will do a »March for Jesus« in Lüdenscheid which launches into an open air evangelistic crusade in the center of town. The Gospel of Jesus Christ must be taken to the streets of Europe, so that people will get saved, healed and delivered. As body of Christ we are to go to the streets of our cities and villages – to the hot spots where people are. Not to protest against anything, but to publicly celebrate a joyful truth: that God is love!

May the Holy Spirit use »March for Jesus« as an initial spark for God’s people and ignite a spiritual firestorm that we may go and fulfill the Great Commission. Join us on May 19, 2018 – you are most welcome to Lüdenscheid. Jesus is the Victor!

Walter Heidenreich

Now is the time!

It’s time for God’s people to go to the streets together again. Watching the news and observing world affairs, we increasingly see people teaming up all over the globe and going to the streets to demonstrate. They want others to pay attention to what they have to say. They want society and politicians to acknowledge their convictions. They unite and rise up together to reach their goals. They want to stir and bring about change. We see this more and more happening ... and every time I am asking myself, »Where are all the Christians? Why don’t we flock the streets?« Not to demonstrate against something – as described in the above – but to nail our color for Jesus to the mast; to stand for him thus showing the world that we belong to him; to declare the name of Jesus in public that it may echo throughout the streets.

Therefore, it’s time for Christians of all denominations to go to the streets again and make the name of Jesus great: MARCH FOR JESUS!

Petra Feddersen

This was March for Jesus in Lüdenscheid


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