This year, Walter spent Easter in Dagestan. The Christians in this Muslim Caucasus Region - who are not many in number - are celebrating Easter one week later than we do. However, instead of a traditional Easter they encountered wonderful and warm-hearted people. What a treat and a privilege to experience the love and power of God in this part of the world ....


"I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name." (Rev. 3:8)
We have literally seen that happening in Dagestan - a part of the Caucasus: Open doors and open hearts! With me there were three dear friends from Germany. I was invited to speak in house churches as well as the biggest church of Dagestan's capital city – Makhachkala – and to minister to our brothers and sisters there. There is a deep hunger and desire to become born again. In one house church we saw a number of physical healings taking place. Another highlight were the encouraging encounters with wonderful spiritual leaders.

Prophecy - a Heart Opener

Though we all missed the traditional German Easter, we saw the power of the risen Son of God – Jesus – every day anew. I was deeply moved by how quick one could talk to the Muslims about Jesus – in public. We found that one key to the hearts of these precious people was to prophecy over them. They loved and embraced it! Every time the presence of God fell so powerfully and I could always pray with them. This happened on so many occasions – in teahouses, on the streets and in a hotel. Thank you very much, Veronika, for offering your great interpretation skills. Thank you, Olaf and Werner, for your encouraging and supporting company. What a great team ... Together we have captured a series of videos and photos for you, which will give you some insight into our outreach to Dagestan!

Thank you, dear friends and prayer partners, for all financial support and prayers. We couldn't do without you. For travelling to such countries as Dagestan it requires people on our side. Please continue to pray for a revival in Dagestan! The doors are wide open and the people are waiting for us Christians to come and to preach and demonstrate the kingdom of God in power.

New Ministry Car Wanted!

Our present ministry car has run thousands of miles during our trips throughout Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, etc. Over the years it's getting more and more frail, and due to that we are in need of having to purchase a new one. We would be so grateful if you supported us with finances towards this particular need. Over the next few weeks we are mainly travelling in Germany, to Austria, Switzerland and Italy before heading for Thailand and the Philippines by mid-July.

Whenever you are able to attend meetings in Germany or abroad where we are ministering, you are most welcome.
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