The Lord is the great God. He is the greatest King. He rules over all of the gods. (Ps. 95,3)

Last time you heard from us was when we were in Bangkok. Right after two splendid weeks in Thailand, we proceeded to Manila and had an awesome time with our FCJG/HELP community there. Walter spoke in many meetings and services. Again – just as in Thailand afore – we encountered a great openness and willingness of people to open up for the Holy Spirit’s move. Very young people responded willingly to God’s message of love with hearts wide open and embraced what the Holy Spirit was doing within them.

... in Germany, Europe and the nations

All around the world we are hearing of new spiritual upraises. If Christianity continues to increase in China as right now, it will become the biggest Christian nation of the world within the next 20 years. In Indonesia, many Muslims encounter the crucified and risen Lord Jesus. In Mozambique, thousands of new churches are being founded – many of which in the poorest region of this nation. Those upraises are carried through by worship and prayer. There is an urging among the body of Christ to seek the Father of lights more intensely, based on the ancient verse from Acts: The Spirit and the bride say: “Come!” – “Yes, Lord Jesus, come soon!”

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As FCJG Horizon, we feel very privileged to share in a number of these upraises and are so grateful to be connected with many wonderful, spiritual leaders, pastors and missionaries all around the globe. Friends who are harbouring this prayer within their hearts – just like us. In November, Walter will be ministering in Mongolia at a HELP conference together with Mel Tari, a father of the Indonesia revival. Mel Tari has gained international recognition by his bestseller Like a Mighty Wind. To all of us who are ministering in the kingdom of God it is a wonderful privilege to know the King of all kings and to be called to honour and praise him. The perspective behind is as old as Christianity: People shall get saved, healed and delivered and become restored worshippers in the Spirit and in truth – disciples of Jesus Christ. Of course, you are welcome to join us on the outreach to Mongolia. Contact HELP Mongolia for all information.

By the way, Mel Tari is coming next year for the BURNING HEARTS conference to Lüdenscheid and he is inviting all of you to join us. Please click here.

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Thank you

We are mainly spending the last few weeks of 2015 in Germany. Walter is speaking in a number of seminars, in churches and ministering at FCJG/HELP events and he is also speaking in the different Worship Service. Click here for our itinerary.

Thank you for all prayers and support of FCJG Horizon. It takes people who are standing with us in prayer and with finances. Thank you very, very much!
Walter & Irene Heidenreich

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