"I know what you are doing. Look! I have put an open door in front of you. No one can shut it. I know that you don't have much strength. But you have obeyed my word. You have not said no to me." (Rev. 3:8)
In January, we had a couple of days that we spent as community and with our FCJG/HELP leadership – an intense time. The Holy Spirit released us and much within us. We focused on topics such as being born again, restoration and revival – amongst us and in the body of Christ. Our faith got strengthened, and with that we are moving on towards the things that are ahead of us – filled with hope and expectation. There is so much expectation that it even becomes tangible, amongst others in the different Worship Service every Saturday night at the Wiedenhof. Some visitors said already: “Revival is in the air.”

... in the body of Christ

The new year was still very young, when Walter went to Augsburg (South Germany) to attend the MEHR conference. In the closing meeting, he had the opportunity to share about the father heart of God. He prayed with many of the attendees for a personal breakthrough to God’s father heart.

Offene Tueren MEHR 4

We have been on the way with many leaders of charismatic churches in Germany (KCLD) for over 20 years – Walter is one of the founders of an annual meeting where these leaders gather for prayer and fellowship. Furthermore, there is the interdenominational and international Together for Europe meeting, and with these friends we have been on the way even longer. It’s so encouraging, for in all of these national and international leaders meetings the represented ministries are earnestly reaching out for unity in the body of Christ, and together we are going through the open doors in Germany to advance God’s kingdom.
The event Together for Europe from June 30 through July 2, 2016 is definitely an open door that we are taking. Walter will be speaking at this event, too.

... in Germany and the nations

Meanwhile we are receiving so many invitations that one year is just not enough. Have a look at our itinerary. There are several trips we are still working on. Your prayers are vitally needed – it is not always easy to decide where to go. We are most grateful for all financial help and support that has come in so far, and it’s needed so we can go to poor countries and remote areas in order to encourage the body of Christ and train leaders.

Offene Tueren Pfullingen

In April Walter is going to the north of Thailand to minister to its tribes – a revival area. The young believers are happy about warm blankets and the simplest things that are facilitating their lives in this area. This part of the country hardly has any infrastructure, which makes travelling quite hard. Please pray for protection and support us according to your possibilities.

... furthermore

... we are holding the new and extended German version of our book Help – I need somebody in hands. It has just been released and is available at the FCJG Shop. You may order it there or purchase it at the booktable of the Wiedenhof or while Walter is travelling. Watch this video – this book has unique message.

Offene Tueren Help Video

This year’s highlight is definitely going to be BURNING HEARTS over Pentecost in Lüdenscheid. In the course of this event, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of FCJG together with many friends from Germany and abroad. You are welcome to join us, too! Right after the event, on Tuesday, May 17, we are hosting a leaders day with Randy Clark and Walter. All leaders, pastors, elders and those who are in responsible leading positions in your church may register here.

... and finally

We are still waiting for a very special door to open – the door that enables us to get into our new ministry car. The old has faithfully served us for the past 10 years, however, more and more often we have to take it to the garage. We would be delighted if you helped us to purchase a new car.

May God be with you, encourage you and provide you with anything you need. He is faithful! Wishing you a blessed year 2016 with doors wide open and filled with the grace of God.
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