I do not pray only for them. I pray also for those who will believe in me because of their message. Father, I pray that all of them will be one, just as you are in me and I am in you. I want them also to be in us. Then the world will believe that you have sent me. (John 17:20-21)

Three weeks travelling Texas - three weeks in a state of the US that - just like Germany - is looking back on a powerful revival history, and now people are reaching out afresh for God's power in their lives and experiencing the Holy Spirit's work in and through them. It's so wonderful what God is doing in Texas. Walter was on tour and discovered a new hunger for true spiritual life.

COP 02

Texas Revival Tour 2016

More than 10 years ago, HELP for all Nations has set up a base in Austin and sown a wonderful seed to advance FCJG's commission, vision and core values. Looking back on the dedication and love of the first team that has laid a foundation is filling us with gratefulness. After a leadership handover - Merisha Janke, a young lady from our community in Lüdenscheid has taken this bold step and moved over the big pond - many more doors are opening. Alongside her are many friends from around the world who are helping to set up a revival center on our property in Austin.


Together with Merisha and the Austin team, Walter ministered in a number of churches and places. Everywhere they went, doors were wide open. Besides Austin, Walter's schedule also included Houston, San Marcos as well as Lindale and Tyler. Here is a gallery of great shots for you.

Night of Vision

A highlight was the Night of Vision on our HELP for all Nations property. Approx. 100 leaders, pastors and church staff from the region gathered to get to know our mission and its missionaries. There was a strong sense of God's presence and unity in the Holy Spirit throughout that day which was all about encountering God and each other. It's rare for the US to set up such interdenominational gatherings. Quite a number of leaders shared what they feel is on God's agenda for this time and especially for Austin. We were warmly welcomed and people embraced us being in Austin. Merisha and Walter had opportunity to share the HELP vision, and one could sense the bond between Germany and Texas - also in the Spirit. On this three-week-tour, Walter literally saw the kingdom of God alive among God's people which he is so grateful for - a strong foundation, strong enough to continue to build on.


Our HELP ministry in Austin would be grateful for any kind of support and for everyone who wants to lend a hand and help. You are also welcome to live with us for a while in our center.

Going to the Karen tribe in Northern Thailand

Walter is on tour again - this time in Thailand. Amongst others he is going to the Karen tribe, an original peoples tribe in Northern Thailand. One doesn't hear very much about them, however, for a couple of years the Karens have been experiencing revival. This trip is quite an adventure.

Karen 03

From the Karens, Walter is proceeding to Pattaya - a Thai city which is mainly living on sex tourism. For many years, we have been running our HELP staff conferences in Pattaya every other year. By purpose! Whenever we are gathering as HELP family in Pattaya, we are going to the streets, pray for the city, worship Jesus in public, and for a couple of months the HELP Thailand leaders - Rolf & Trujit Niederer - have been going to Pattaya once a month for worhip and prayer and to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit for further steps. This time Walter is going with them. We anticipate to build a house of prayer in Pattaya and plough this place with prayer, evangelism and worship. Thank you for all prayers, support and your friendship!
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