If you simply and powerfully preach the Gospel, it always makes a positive impact, brings forth healing and bears living hope. Through BURNING HEARTS alone – FCJG’s Pentecost event in Lüdenscheid – which GOD TV broadcasted live, we reached thousands of people all over the world. To this day we are receiving positive response, and we want to encourage you to watch the episodes ‘on demand’. When Walter was in Myanmar, people asked him about this conference, too ...


Myanmar 017
In May, Walter together with his friend Christian Janke went for the first time to Myanmar – formerly Burma. They witnessed yet another of God’s miracles taking place: Our Creator’s worldwide plan for salvation is rapidly unfolding. Until a couple of years ago, Myanmar was closed and isolated. However, after its opening, there has been so much possible. Throughout the country, new churches spring up. The people are hungry for everything they can get hold of; they want to belong. They embrace the Gospel and the Holy Spirit’s power with open hearts and diligence. Walter peached in several churches, and each time the people responded with such openness, they prayed and received. In one of the services, he prophetically prayed over a lady who suddenly could move her foremost stiff hand. This handicap had limited her for quite some time.

Kids on Fire

Myanmar 004
One highlight was one of the first Christian kids events in this nation. The kids came from all corners of the city and from different churches and enjoyed what happened – this was a visual demonstration of Jesus’ words “If you do not become like little children ...”. They fervently, hungry and thirsty and full of faith embraced the power of God moving among them. A group of kids was late due to the chaotic traffic. They were very disappointed that they missed the meeing. Walter took time for them, explained the Gospel, and all of them prayed the sinner’s prayer and gave their lives to Jesus. All of these kids came from very poor families and lived on the streets. After they gave their lives to Jesus their eyes were radiant with joy and happiness.

Thank you, Pastor Esther and Shekina Community for your dedication and friendship, and letting us share in your wonderful ministry. We've got a small gallery of photos for you, however, if you want to know more, please like Walter Heidenreich's Facebook site which always keeps you updated.

What's next?

Walter was only back for one day from Myanmar and immediately continued with travelling – this time he went to our neighboring country Switzerland. Again the kingdom of God was displayed in power, for people received new faith in Jesus Christ, got baptized, embraced the Holy Spirit and his power. They experienced encouragement, deliverance and healing.

Emmetten 004
In July, Walter is going on a very long missions trip: For almost two weeks he will be in India, from there he proceeds to the Philippines, then to Malaysia and finally he is travelling to South Korea to be part of and minister at the UPRISING event (United Prayer Rising). In India, Walter will be ministering at a pastors’ convention and to a couple of churches. We are fully financing these ministry trips to poor countries ourselves and would be grateful for all support and you standing with us. Thank you very much for all prayers. We experience so much protection on our trips and are able to walk through open doors, of which some are open because of your prayers for us.

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