»From generation to generation. We declare your salvation. As we worship, as we praise«

Over and over again we sang these words at »Walking on Water«, our seminar with Mel Tari. »We are heading for the biggest harvest, this world has ever seen. All over the world there are 2 billion people in 194 nations. Generations before us have brought in their harvest – now it’s your time!« Mel Tari encouraged the seminar attendees of which the youngest was 12 and the oldest almost 80.

Bilder Musiker

God is a God of the generations! We are singing this song standing in awe, for we know that many have gone ahead of us, and while we are singing we are aware that many will come after us. We carry it on, declare it into the visible and invisible realm thus taking it to the ends of the earth: Jesus, the Redeemer of all nations. No matter if young or old, everybody is joining into this song of heaven. Later that day, these new phrases came up and made the song complete: »When we see you, the King, in all your beauty, we cannot but go unto the ends of the earth.« Again, there was this call – a holy call. Many responded, received and embraced their callings and nations, or gave their hearts to Jesus anew for one purpose – to be a blessing to this world.

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