The prayer house inaugurated in 2005 is a former greenhouse. It has an open view into the sky and to the world around.
The prayer house is first of all a place of worship and a place to meet with God. That is why the cross is in the center.

To meet with with God also means to sense His heart for the nations. The carpet displays a big world map. It is a reminder to bless the nations with God's love, to intercede and to proclaim His good plans for the nations. There are set prayer and intercession meetings as well as individual, spontaneous and personal times.

The prayer house is also being used for meetings of national and international leaders of prayer ministries, for prayer groups and for seminars about worship, prayer and healing.
Our vision is to fill the house with 24/7 worship and prayer.

Everyone is welcome to have times of prayer with his own style of prayer, according to national, cultural and denominational background. You can come individually or as a group.

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