The Team

We would like to give you the chance to get to know us a bit. Here are some statements from our team about the Prayer Mountain:

BirgitPortraitBirgit Janke
responsibility: Senior Leader of FCJG/HELP & Prayer Mountain for the Nations

»If we really want to see revival, we have to acknowledge that worship and prayer goes hand in hand with missions and evangelism. That’s why I love to stand before God on behalf of the nations in the Prayer House.«

ChristianPortraitChristian Janke
responsibility: Leader of the Prayer Mountain for the Nations

»I sense that praying in tongues is a key to unlock gates: By praying in tongues we are entering into His presence and worship Him, and from there we receive His heart concerns over which we pray together. I love this divine cycle!

JohanPortraitJohan van Schaik
responsibility: Prayer for Israel

»The presence of God makes the difference. I love it when He comes and we worship Him. That changes everything.«


DesireePortraitDésirée Fuhrmann
responsibility: Praying with the Word

»Prophetic intercession ist creative, individual and surpassing our limits. I love it: to connect with Gods heart, that beats for humanity - for you and me and for the nations.«

NadinePortraitNadine Minati
responsibility: Worship and Praying with the Word

»To search for the heart of the Father and to pray for His body and nations - thats my hearts desire.«

LindePortraitLinde Hals
responsibility: Creativity

»I desire to unveil God’s beauty through arts and dance and train others in this area of creativity. The main call of an artist is to exhalt God with his arts.«

AnitaPortraitAnita Reiff
responsibility: Prayer for the Nations

»I am always amazed at feeling the God's heartbeat for this world, when we pray along with Him instead of just praying to Him.«

HansPeterPortraitHans-Peter Reiff
responsibility: Worship and Prayer for the Nations

»Praying means to me to release the impossiblities of God in all circumstances.«

ElaPortraitEla Schöttler
responsibility: Call of the Watchmen Germany

»Prayer is a privilege and a responsibility.«

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