The core of our community life, prayer and worship as well as our work is the presence of God amongst us. However, what do we mean by saying "Everything we are doing is worship and should give honour to God and Jesus"?
Life on Prayer Mountain of the Nations is complex and flexible. We have set times for devotions and prayer times, and we are doing practical, i.e. gardening on the estate and keeping the surrounding nice and tidy. Furthermore, on Prayer Mountain you'll also find our offices of FCJG ÜKD (Kingdom ministries) where the administration, organization and public relations departments are located. That's where our conferences and seminars are being planned. In all we do, we fix our eyes on Jesus and to worship him.

One emphasis of our community is sharing our lives with one another. This happens right where we live. A number of us are living together in community houses or small groups that have rented flat all over town. But how can this take place in an office? Spending time with and being interested in one another is a priority. Projects and work should never take priority over relationships. We want to see the treasures that God placed in each of us.

Next to the prayer house is a community house - called Lifehouse - where people of different ages and backgrounds are living together and desire to see Prayer Mountain and its calling to unfold amd moving into its destiny: An artist doing prophetic dance and painting, a missionary who was in the nations with HELP International for a number of years and focusses now on prayer, intercession and worship over the nations. One lady whose heart is going out to the youth and who wants see the prayer house being filled with ongoing worship. A couple with a big heart for people that is looking after a big portion of the practical work and one lady that oversees the administration of FCJG.

Between the GET READY School and the Lifehouse stands the prayer house. As staff we are meeting several times a day for worship, devotions, prayer or simply to spend time in the presence of God. Our vision is 24/7 ... prayer and worship around the clock.
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