Participants of Revival Weeks are immersing into the life of the REVIVAL SCHOOL: worship and prayer, teachings held by FCJG staff and international guest speakers, outreaches (depending on the topic of the week), fellowship and working times, getting to know FCJG and its community life.

By purpose, training weeks are not organized in a seminary style. They help you to immediately put into practice what you have learned. It’s not about hearing only, but to get into practice immediately. It’s not about piling up knowledge, but about getting changed and equipped by the Holy Spirit. Our hearts and not our heads are to be filled.
These weeks will make you a revival bearer who can – filled with the Holy Spirit – change his own environment by the power of God.
Furthermore, you can get to know the REVIVAL SCHOOL better and find out whether God has something in store for you here even for a longer period of time.

You will life in a 2- or 3-bed dorm and will also take an active part in the practical work that has to be done. More details about our daily life are found here. Further, you will be integrated into our community, joining our evangelistical teams as well as our devotions and services. More generell infos are found here.

Revival Week with Wes Hall

from March 23 - 27, 2021 (incl. Day Seminar with Wes Hall at March 27, 2021)
with Wes Hall
via LiveStream

Change the world through your relationship with Jesus. Starting with your world, and then the world around you.

Jesus' disciples lived with him and learned from him. From this they influenced the world around them. The kingdom of God has not changed. These principles are still as relevant as they were 2000 years ago. Through deep personal encounters with Jesus we are shaped and then can fulfill the call, to share and influence the world around us today. This Revival Week is designed to help you grow in your own personal relationship with Jesus and bring you into greater dimensions of the Kingdom of God, so that you too can be salt and light for this world. The Holy Spirit wants to use you to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in power so that people around you realise that Jesus knows them and loves them.

Are you ready for this journey? We are looking forward to you joining us! 

Join us via a private YouTube live stream link followed by a final session via zoom! Be apart of all the teaching sessions for only €50!

Cost: 50 €
Registration and more information: click here!

Mission and prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit

from April 19 - 22, 2021
with Mel Tari (via Zoom)
via LiveStream

We invite you to join the teachings with Mel Tari directly out from the Revival School! How to live with the Holy Spirit? What difference can a life that comes from fellowship with the Holy Spirit make? Not only do we want to hear amazing things, but we want to grow more and more into this fellowship with the Holy Spirit in our own lives. Our guest speaker, Mel Tari, will be there also via zoom. Do you want to ask yourself these perhaps life-changing questions?

Cost: 50 €
Registration Link will come soon...

Mission and Signs & Wonders

from November 5 - 14, 2021
with Walter Heidenreich (Horizon)

Jesus wants you to become a blessing for nations, people groups and tribes. As the glory of God is revealed through your life, he wants to change whole villages, cities and nations with you. His kingdom shall come, on earth as it is in heaven! The kingdom of God is about to spread and all people shall be saved and enter in their destiny! Walk in the promises of God and you will bear much fruit! Are you ready for God’s adventure in your life?

Cost: 320 €
Registration: click here for the application form... 

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