This is Christian. If you know him, you will certainly know this: He loves praying and singing in tongues. At any time. At any place. For example in Manila (Philippines) on the way to a slum, where they would do an outreach. Loud music and singing sounds from a little shack … one of these improvised karaoke bars you find everywhere in Asia. A perfect setting to make room for the Holy Spirit, for in a karaoke bar everyone is allowed to sing – including Christian. From the bottom of his heart he sings in tongues into the microphone, praising God and proclaiming His victory. Although it doesn’t make any sense in the natural, it releases the supernatural Presence and the Power of God over the whole area. Just some hundred meters further they run into a group of youngsters, three of them give their lives to Jesus. Later someone tells Christian that his tongues where actually perfect Spanish and spoke of the good Shepherd who is calling His sheep. (Just to make it clear: Christian doesn’t speak any Spanish at all!)

Of course this is not a teaching on how to reach people or a strategy for anything. It is just an example of how creative, life spending and sometimes crazy it can be, when we give room to the Holy Spirit and His gifts.

Christian has discovered the source of praying in tongues early in his life with Jesus. As a young man he came to do the drug rehab in Wiedenhof, broken and marked by a lifestyle of drug abuse and sin. More and more he got to know the Holy Spirit and experienced the restoration power of praying in tongues for himself. Thoughts, emotions and mindsets that were twisted and broken because of his old lifestyle got healed and renewed.

Christian is now a strong pillar in God’s kingdom, he is a man of prayer, a father of three adult kids and part of the Prayer Mountain team since the very beginning. He is passionate about teaching, preaching and sharing about the Holy Spirit, His gifts and His effects. And he is the best example for it.

»It’s not complicated to receive the gift of praying in tongues. It’s a gift of the Father and He delights in freely giving it to those who ask him. It is an effect of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and it is a characteristic feature that comes with it. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14: ”The one who prays in tongues edifies himself.« If we build up and strengthen ourselves spiritually by praying in tongues, these are some of the effects:
We get more sensitive for the Presence of the Holy Spirit and His gifts.
Biblical faith develops faster. It becomes easy to believe what the Word says.
The supernatural gifts of the Spirit are released: prophecy, word of knowledge, healing, godly wisdom, discernment of spirits, supernatural faith, miracles, tongues and its interpretation (see 1 Corinthians 12, 8-10).
We become bold and it becomes easier to overcome fear of man and timidity.
True worship starts to flow from our hearts.
Praying without ceasing is possible! For praying in tongues is possible in any situation, loud or silently.
We fall in love with Jesus, the love for Him gets ignited anew.
We start to burn for missions, for God’s heart’s desires become our heart’s desires.
Healing is released – inner healing and physical healing. It’s scientifically proofed that praying in tongues strengthens the immune system.
We become happy persons, no matter the circumstances and mood.

That are just a few of the effects of praying in tongues. How couldn’t we welcome that with all of our heart?
If you have questions about praying in tongues or if you do not have it yet and want to receive it, you can contact us or come and visit us.«
Christian Janke
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