This always is an open invitation to the Holy Spirit ... and this invitation was also the motto for the ‘open night’ with Jackie Thompson on Thursday, February 26, 2015. For several years, Jackie was a missionary under Iris Ministries in Mozambique (Heidi & Rolland Baker). She is now training potential missionaries and outreach participants at Iris Harvest School. Since the end of 2014 she is back to England and is getting ready for her next adventure with God. Her life’s focus is to be movable in the hands of God: “Whatever the Holy Spirit prompts me to do or to say, I will do and say it.” And there is one things that the Holy Spirit loves: He loves to come contrary to how we think or expect him to come. The powerful worship time that night gave him a landing strip to reach right into our hearts, and then he placed an ancient but very up-to-date message right there – forgiveness.

“Whoever is going to the table of the Lord and eating the bread and drinking the wine unworthy ...” (1 Cor. 11:27). This verse is often quoted, read or we heard it before taking Communion, however, what does it exactly mean? Several times a day we become guilty of something and ask forgiveness and grace – for thinks we are conscious about, but also for things we unconsciously do. However, how do we treat people that become guilty at us – consciously or unconsciously? Do we grant forgiveness, no matter if they are asking for it or not? “When I am about to take Communion and I harbor anger, wrath or even bitterness in my heart, because someone hurt me, etc., I am unworthy. You are responsible for yourself and everything you say, do, think and feel – for these things are making an impact on you”, said Jackie. With that she led us into a deep encounter with God at the foot of the throne of grace, where we confessed personal failure and guilt, and where we could forgive those who sinned against us.

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