Monika Flach (Kingdom Impact) is teaching on the kingdom of God and its impact in breath-taking dynamics. Yes, it is possible to be filled with the Spirit every day, to rule over daily situations, and to act as an ambassador of the King. With Jesus a new era started, and scripture proves that he himself proclaimed the Gospel of the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of God is at hand. What a powerful message. We get renewed and enabled to become active alongside Jesus. Monika is describing a lifestyle in the light of God as protection and a foundation for a prophetic-apostolic movement. We are getting released by Jesus to rejoice and to tell others how wonderful he is. A clear message that will help you to activate  the powerful dimension of the supernatural in your everyday life.

Monika Flach

is founder of Kingdom Impact. An emphasis of her ministry is training people to live a life in the Spirit and to walk in their royal priestly anointing. Her greatest desire is to bring individuals but also nations into touch with Jesus – the God who is more than enough. Monika is a nationally and internationally credited speaker, who is preaching the word of God in power and who walks in a powerful prophetic anointing. Monika Flach is familiar with a life lived on the basis of the supernatural promises of God. She believes in miracles and experiences these. Monika has a winning and exuberant way of speaking the truth of the Gospel right into hearts, so that you get changed when sitting under her message and discover your identity in God more and more.
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