We are running prayer nights at the prayer house emphasizing to pray the word of God. In Eph. 3:14 it says: “... I will bow before the Father who is the only true Father over everything that is called children in heaven and on earth.” For the past weeks we have prayed this one scripture over and over again. I have started to also pray it in everyday situations and am surprised how much power this scripture releases into my situation!
God is a FATHER: a loving, providing, visionary person!
He is the TRUE Father: absolutely trustworthy – there is no harm coming from him.
HE is above ALL things: His long arm reaches everywhere – in contrary to mine ;-).
When reading this verse or when praying other scriptures, I am always awestruck that I am not just getting information about God. The clue is that comfort, and peace and blessing which this scripture is talking about are flowing right into my heart. Furthermore, we are experiencing this power of the word of God in our mutual prayer times.

M. Schöttler
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