Christmas fair Lüdenscheid. The music at the childrens’ merry-go-round has been switched off. “...So we can hear you better, when you sing and play so nicely.“ The lady running the merry-go-round comments. But let’s start with the beginning:

Linde had only wanted to check with the Christmas fair managment, if she could perform a pantomime in the event hut, when it was not used otherwise. The happy response: „Of course! You can perform a whole afternoon programme!“ Great! The perfect opportunity to bring the message of Jesus and salvation right into the middle of our town!

For this, we bring in all our creative talents: Martha sings songs she wrote herself. Christian, Bärbel and Desiree read poems they wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Linde and her team perform a play that stirrs people’s hearts. Tabea paints prophetic pictures, adding written prophecies for individuals. She gives these to the visitors right there. Same with Laura, who gives away selfmade clay leaves.

The pantomime performance is the pure gospel. Inspiration for the play came fresh from the Holy Spirit: God’s story with mankind: creation, the fall, the cross and reconciliation with God – the whole thing! Great! Without words and language, the message came across even to those who don’t speak German, so Chinese, Iranians, Syrians and Albanians learn about Jesus that afternoon. Also, staff from the Christmas fair walk in and spend their break listening to poems, songs and testimonies. God loves the nations and generations: The children are captivated by Bärbel’s puppet play, a group of elderly people intensely listen to Marion, as she shares how Jesus rescued her out of drug addiction and hopelessness.

The atmosphere is filled with God’s love, comfort and peace, as is reflected on the faces of the visitors. People just enjoy being there. One woman is moved to tears. She gladly receives prayer.

We are so thankful for this great opportunity to share the simple, true gospel in our city. May the seed grow plentiful!

Désirée Fuhrmann

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