On Saturday, December, the 5th, we had a one day training with Monika Flach (Kingdom Impact Konstanz) We have known and appreciated her from former training events. So the prayer house was filled with expectant visitors, some had travelled quite far. Monika introduced us to the topic in her unique, vivid way, founded in the Word of God. Courage and strengh can be found in a life that is surrendered to God’s kingdom.
Everyone was challenged to ask oneself: „What is my position in this? Are there areas in my life that are ruled by other things?“ During the sermons we had opportunities to respond in prayer and proclamation of God’s kingdom. This created an atmosphere of faith and hope.
My own perception of spiritual reality has been sharpened through the teachings of Monika Flach, creating a hunger and zeal for God’s presence. The training day stirred us up and many were interested in deeper understanding of the topic . The bookstall was well frequented.
Many thanks to Monika Flach for a great and inspiring day at the prayer house!

Manuela Schöttler

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