This poem was recently written in the house of prayer, inspired by the Holy Spirit.
We were together for two hours: a bunch of musicians and a handful of people who joined. One danced and played the violin, one drew into her scratch book what the Holy Spirit showed her, one read a psalm, new songs were sung. And we worshipped. Times of devotional worship, captured by beauty and glory, then kneeling before the cross ... the next moment we jumped and danced in the joy of the Holy Spirit. And we brought our intimate prayers of love and adoration to Jesus.
Over those two hours this poem was written. Not intentional about what was going on, but just flowing with the Holy Spirit. It describes so well the variety of aspects of God's presence we experienced that night.

Be inspired and touched by Him ... and why don't you just come around. The prayer house is open 24/7.

There is a white, mingled with gold and light,
wavering and flimsy and so clear and bright

A river of white, of gold and light
The air glaring and sounding with gold, with light
Tender breeze of the most fresh and most pure white
Tones of gold and glory wavering through space and time

Oh glory, oh glory how can I describe you
I struggle for words, I stammer phrases
Yet nothing can ever describe

How you truly are
How you truly are
Who you truly are

There is a heat in the air,
so absolute, so infatuating, so heavy and so infinitely pregnant

Streams of red, of pain and death
Cold sweat, blood tears, oh agony
Callous rough wood, a thick scent of dust and blood
The sound of ripped cloth rips the atmosphere

Oh redemption, oh redemption, how can I perceive you
I bow down on my knees and I'm still
And I gaze and I'm amazed at

How you truly are
How you truly are
Who you truly are

There is an energy, a swirl of power and life,
so attracting, so charged with colour and light

Red and orange and yellow and green and shades of blue and purple
Colour swirl, rainbow, multi coloured light of life
Movement, agile and swiftly and peacefully calm
Chromatic fire, pulsing and burning

Oh bonfire of joy, bonfire of joy, how can I receive you
I call upon you, I run to you
And I rejoice and I'm overwhelmed of

How you truly are
How you truly are
Who you truly are

Wavering white, bleeding red, dynamic mingled colours of life
Oh love of the Father.
Jesus, my bright groom, your love.
Liquid flaming love poured into my heart, Holy Spirit.
Infinite everlasting love that draws, that flows, that holds together

That's who you truly are

© Désirée Fuhrmann
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