Worship & Art ... when artists come together and worship.

The parking is filling ... one brings his camera, another one carries her easel, paint, pencils and the next one his music instrument ... They all come with great and joyful expectation for this special day! Some travelled all the way from Switzerland, others come from nearby cities; more than 50 people gathered in the House of Prayer for the Nations.
Linde Hals and Tine Riexinger start the day seminar with biblical teaching that reaches far beyond arts and creativity. Linde puts it into the following picture:


Good, tasteful fruit only grows from a tree that is well rooted, well grown and healthy. Without such a tree there will be no fruit. That is how worship and arts work together: Worship is like the tree, without worship there cannot be creativity that really aims towards God. But from our worship and intimacy with God the whole range of creative gifts and arts will grow automatically for He is creative! The creator of all!

In a short but intense time of worship we go deep into that intimate relationship with God. Filled with His presence we start into the workshops.


The workshops

It’s getting practical in the afternoon workshops. The participants can choose out of these: ‚Singing Prophetic Songs of Encouragement‘ over each other, ‚Painting in God’s Presence‘, ‚Dancing‘, ‚Holy Spirit Photography‘, ‚Prophetic Worship‘ with music instruments and ‚Word Art‘. God’s presence is tangible in a unique way in each workshop:

The writers in the Word Art workshop literally receive heavenly downloads while listening to the Holy Spirit in an almost breathless deep and peaceful concentration. They write them down in beautiful poems, novels and essays.
The painters are so different from each other: complex paintings from experts as well as first tries from beginners - it’s just beautiful what they create in an godly living room atmosphere.
The dancers, the singers, the musicians and the photographers ... they all enjoy to worship, to explore God’s creative gifts and to give and to receive astonishing personal prophecies for each other.

At the end of the day, one question remains: When will we have the next of this kind of seminars?


Here are some statements:

„I have experienced healing. God has shown me that there has been a thread in my life and that the gift of writing has always been there, but it was suppressed by many things. Now I’m determined to set times of silence for writing for God.“
„I attended the dance workshop and I never danced like today. I had such a great freedom!“
„I said to myself: I’m going to try something new ... and so I attended the singing workshop. It really touched me to see how each one in our group contributed and new melodies were created that touched my heart.“

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