It’s wonderful to witness our prayer house team growing and expanding. Meanwhile we are an international team of 13! Remarkably, everyone is deeply impacted by and rooted in the vision of the prayer house and knows that God has called them to be part of this wonderful move of God. We would like to introduce ourselves with these statements:

Christian Janke: Prayer Mountain to me is like a gateway to heaven! I sense that praying in tongues is the key to unlock those gates: By praying in tongues we are entering into His presence and worship HIM, and from there we receive his heart’s concerns over which we pray together. I love this divine cycle!

Birgit Janke: If we really want to see revival, then we have to acknowledge that worship and prayer as well as missions and evangelism go hand in hand. That’s why I love to stand before God and on behalf of the nations in the prayer house.

HappyHanna »Happy« Platzer: I love to pray the word. Jesus is the word. My heart burns for interacting with Him by calling God's Kingdom in existence, that changes individuals and nations.

TineMartina »Tine« Riexinger: I believe in a young generation, that will worship the Father and change the whole earth with His love.



Johan van Schaik: It’s a privilege to be on that journey together and to initiate and create 24/7 as well as worship. Throughout this journey, I have discovered that God doesn’t only want to dwell with his presence in the prayer house. Above all he foremost wants to dwell in my heart!

Désirée Fuhrmann: »I will make them joyful in my house of prayer.« Is. 56:7 – This is it – to connect with the heart of God in prayer and worship, to embrace the concerns of his heart for our country, God’s people and the nations and to look into his eyes in worship ... What fun and honour at the same time!

Nadine Minati: I am part of the prayer house team, for I sense that Jesus is coming back soon. One can sense anywhere that God is drawing people to prayer and worship, all over Germany and Europe, more and more prayer houses are being established where people are making a way for him. My heart burns to see people, cities and whole nations getting changed when we – the people of God – worship Jesus with all our hearts and everything within us.

Linde Hals: I desire to unveil God’s beauty through arts and dance and train others in this area of creativity. I am so grateful that God called me into the prayer house and into the FCJ Community, and I am looking forward to what is going to develop in the future!

Kerstin Muehleck: On earth as it is in haven! With my prayers and worship I want to bring my part in order to see this promise coming into existence in the body of Christ and in the great harvest!!

Anita Reiff: It’s a real joy to worship and pray on Prayer Mountain as well as in the prayer house. I am amazed at how easy it is to enter into God’s presence in this place and to unite with his heart’s concern to reach our city, nation and the nations of this world with his love and to fill these with worship.

Hans-Peter Reiff: Worship and missions cannot be separated from each other! My heart yearns and desires to see unceasing prayer and worship going out from this place and a new missions movement rising up that impacts our own nation and the nations of this world – just as in the Moravians’ days.

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