Mining for Treasures in the Word

"Eye, mind and heart opening" - that is Mariana’s statement about Wes Hall's teachings about prayer and his ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. Mariana from Manila (Philippines) is staying with us in Luedenscheid for a while. When we from the Prayer Mountain team asked her to write a few lines about the seminar 'Fire of Prayer' with Wes Hall, her eyes sparkled: "Sure, I would love to do that! I’m so full! He really has a precious gift of digging deep into the Word of God, helping us to discover a goldmine that can be easily overlooked. These treasures then become keys to the very heart of God. One of the many keys was: The answer to our prayer is not our reward. Our reward is Jesus and the relationship that develops in the course of praying for something. He is longing for us and He is our greatest reward!"

Absolutely! Prayer is far more then just a subject, it is communication and relationship with God Himself.

Wes Hall’s teaching from the seminar 'Fire of Prayer' gives 7 features that marked the prayer life of the apostles and disciples in the Book of Acts. These 7 points stand in a direct interaction with their authority and power in the Holy Spirit. You can get the whole message from the seminar and also from Saturday night The Different Service here in our shop. (The shop is onyl available for the german website yet, but if you want to order please contact us. The teaching is all in English with German translation.)

Photos from the day seminar

Here are a few photos.

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