„God’s Presence was tangible and strong like I hadn’t experienced it for a long time. As FCJG we spent some days of fasting, worship, prayer and apostolic teaching in the Prayer House for the Nations.
We worshipped Him with spontaneaous songs and prayers and we laid quietly before Him. His Presence rested on us like a thick cloud, yet fresh like a sweet fragrance. The words just started flowing to me, directly from heaven, forming into a prayer, a kind of poetry ... I closed my eyes, drinking in His Presence. Before my inner eyes I saw a beautiful scenery of mountains, bathed in clouds and light – His majestic, peaceful, eternal Presence that fills everything. This is how the poetry (see below) was made.“


A couple of days later, a worship leader from Japan sent a message. We had come to know her a some years ago during outreaches to Japan. She had seen the poetry on Facebook:  
“That morning I wanted to see what my friends are up to on FB. And it happened: I saw a post of a friend from Germany. To my surprise it was a poetry and a picture, that talked about His Presence. I just love it. I was immediately inspired by the Holy Spirit to add a melody. It is my habit to play the keyboard and then do my devotion before leaving for work. As I started to play, I found myself beginning with ‘Your Presence’. It was like the song was already waiting for me. The melody was there already, I just received it from the Lord, I didn’t have to make any effort. I was blessed and those who listened to it were blessed.
It was a perfect divine connection: My friend receiving a poetry in Germany in the Prayer House for the Nations and me adding a melody in Japan. I am coming to understand that God is looking for an instrument to use. We are His instrument, and as we avail ourselves He will use us. This was how this song was made.”

Keiko is a songwriter and worship leader from Japan. She is married to an African, they have one boy and they are missionaries in Cambodia.

The photo was taken in Switzerland and reflects His majestic, peaceful Presence.

Poetry: Désirée Fuhrmann from Luxemburg
Photo (mountains): Claude Widmer from Switzerland
Song: Keiko Koduah Nyanor from Japan

Poetry: Your Presence

Your Presence is my vision
Not where I go or what I do
It’s all about Your presence
Your Presence is my reward

Your Presence - it changes nations
Your Presence is what I need
Your Presence is what I’m made for
Your Presence fills all my needs

So I behold you
And I will stay
Just in Your Presence
All of my days
It is Your Presence
That changes things
It is Your Presence
That changes me

Your Presence - it changes nations
Your Presence - it changes us
Your Beauty is our fragrance
To declare who You are
In every nation, in all the earth
Lord, let Your Presence
Fill this whole world
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