»We are sitting on the world map carpet of the Prayer House for the Nations, a group of six people. All over the room such little groups are ready to receive prophetic prayer, full of expectation and hunger. Tears are flowing, as many are deeply touched by the words, that God speaks directly into their lives. His Presence is tangible in the room …«

2010 im Gebetshaus

Recently we heard Anna’s story of how one afternoon in the Prayer House as a young teenage girl changed her life forever:

»Hi everybody, my name is Anna. I had been going to church my entire life and I seriously wanted to serve Jesus. But I did not really know Him at all. I was part of the kids and confirmee ministry in our church and that’s why I joined a training workshop about kids ministry. We had times of devotions and worship and I really enjoyed it. But that one afternoon changed everything:

Anna frueher

They took all of us to the FCJG Prayer Mountain for the Nations and we entered the Prayer House. My heart was beating like crazy, I had no idea why I was so exited. Today I know: It was the Holy Spirit.
More and more people from FCJG entered the Prayer House and someone explained to us that we could now receive prophetic prayer. So we made little groups with one or two FCJG staff members who would pray for us. Many of us were completely surprised by what happened then – me too, I could hardly believe it: Their prayers fitted perfectly! In a time where I was full of self-hatred and shame, God the Father touched my heart deeply with His love. I couldn’t help but cry. For the first time I realized that He spoke to me personally: »Anna, I know you, I care about you and I am real.« I was overwhelmed and wanted to stay there forever. On the parking before leaving I sent this little prayer up to heaven: »Please bring me back to this place, God. I want to get to know you, how you really are.«

Anbetung in Texas

Today, eight years later, looking back, I’m amazed of how the Holy Spirit has been leading me since then. A classmate took me to the FCJG Worship Service and I got to know God more and more. He healed many things that had been broken, taught me to listen to His voice, touched my family and enlarged my perspective. I was even able to travel to other nations to share about Jesus. In the past that would have been unthinkable for me.

Einladung christliche Kinderparty

I am now part of FCJG city mission. It is my vision that many children and teenagers experience God’s love like I did when I was just 14 years old and that they get to know Him like He really is. That’s why we reach out to the kids in our city with evangelistic outreaches, we do kids conferences or meetings for children in the Prayer House.

Kinder Gebetshaus

»The Lord appeared of old to me, saying: I have loved you with an everlasting love, therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.« Jer. 31,3
I have experienced this in my life: God has drawn me with His lovingkindness and he has shown me that He has loved me with an everlasting love.«

Anna Kopatz, 22 years

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