After a long, busy day I'm getting myself ready to go to the Prayer House. My prayer shift starts at 10 pm till midnight. What a special time to encouter God and to stand before Him on behalf of nations!
As I start praying, laying everything down from the day, the door opens and a young African woman enters the room. She comes from Essen, a city an hour drive away, and she will be in the Prayer House for the whole night.

With our bibles on our lap, we read out loud psalm 51 several times, taking turns. The Holy Spirit leads us to pray it for Germany. Verse by verse, we prophetically speak repentance and revival over Germany. With the Word of God in our mouth, we call German into her calling and destiny. We get inspired by eachother's prayer as the words flow like a stream directly from our hearts and mouths. A stream that makes us one in the Spirit.

A glance at my watch - almost two hours have passed. Two precious hours, impacting our country with God's plans and influencing the course of a whole nation.

Prayer is power - it sets God's active power into motion. In the book of Joel, we read that He will pour His Spirit over all the nations ... His Spirit is the Spirit of Prayer. He will call people together for prayer - from all the nations. People who do not know eachother, who do not belong to the same denomiation, but who become one in the Spirit of Prayer. People who gather together day and night to impact the course of nations by prayer. Such a gathering place is the Prayer House for the Nations. Have you ever been there? Welcome!

Hanna 'Happy' Platzer
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