My name is Anna, I’m 21 years old and I live together with other young people in a flat-sharing community of FCJG in Luedenscheid. I’m training to become a nurse. Before that I attended the FCJG training school at the prayer mountain in Luedenscheid, where I started first to do paintings for God. During the Awakening Europe Conference 2015 in Nuremberg God showed me his love and his longing towards his bride in Europe. In worship I saw Jesus as a king on a white horse surrounded by light longing für his bride in Europe. I sensed that he wants his bride to love and follow him wholeheartedly. His bride in Europe has fallen asleep and has turned away from the first love. That is symbolized by the dead rose leaves on the painting. That’s why he sends his Holy Spirit as a dove holding a rose that contains a message of love. While I was painting the picture I kept hearing the words in my spirit: ‚Come back to the first love‘ and ‚Wake up, my bride, it is your time to shine, you are born for such a time as this‘.

Anna Renner

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