„I'm not sure if this is going to work”, says someone right at the beginning. “I cannot push myself to be creative out of nothing. Either I am inspired or I’m not...”
But the inspiration is flowing immediately as we start worshipping Jesus and praying in the spirit. The Holy Spirit gives us pictures and visions, that we put into pieces of art in various styles and technics with painting, drawing, crafts and modeling.

Creating makes you hungry, so we have some tasty spaghetti and good fellowship in between.

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The topic of the day is Worship Art, what else? Our desire is to dig deeper into arts and become more active in using creativity in worship. We want to get hold of and sharpen the vision of Worhsip Art.

We have a wonderful time of sharing were we openly tell about hurts and pressure from the past hindering us and about the personal guidance God is giving us for the next steps. We share about how God is encouraging us to use our talents in an active way. And how we experience arts and creativity as a way to express deep things towards God, things that will not fit into words.
It is touching when we all express our desire to serve God with our gifts and to be available for Him. We end up with this simple statement: “I am ready to follow God's guidance, even if it costs me a price. I don’t want to hinder God's plans to encourage and bless others through me."

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