Prophetic arts and worship belongs on the street! That's why we, the prayer house team, went out for a creative outreach with our friends and some of the artists in our community.

It was a beautiful sunny day, a really good opportunity to reach Lüdenscheid with the love of God. Young and old, Germans and immigrants were outdoors enjoying the sun, sitting in the cafes around the square, enjoying their ice cream or drinks. The atmosphere gradually changed as we worshipped God and preached the gospel. Children and people of all ages were drawn by the sweet Presence and captivated as they received prophetic words, songs, paintings, stories and portrait prints. They may have left their homes just to get some sunshine and fresh air; but they returned home with much more - the love of God in their hearts filling them with joy, hope, healing and a hunger for more!

"I had a word of knowledge that a senior lady had pain in her right knee. She confirmed it and also shared about pain in the back. I laid my hand on the acking parts and spoke out the name of Jesus. Now she tried to move her back and realized that she was able to bend down much further then before." - Renate Petersen

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Photo station:

We gave instant portrait prints with the verse "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" - a token of God's truth to take home.

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Painting station:

"This was my first time to paint for people on the street. I experienced how God was releasing me and using me to be a blessing to others. It is so easy and so much fun. God is so creative and He has so many possibilities to speak to people and reach their hearts. During the outreach a small girl approached me, she just knew that the painting of the rose was meant for her. She received the painting with joy and thankfulness. I explained to her what Jesus thinks about her and how much He loves her. She believed it straight away and wanted to listen to the story about Jesus. She was so open that after listening to the story she invited Jesus to be her friend." - Sarah W.

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Story telling:

"When a 9-year old child got the answers for her relevant questions, she invited Jesus as the friend of her life. It was deep and made it all worthwhile.
- Bärbel Löffel Schröder

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With this pantomime, Lüdenscheid and it's residents saw how much they are loved by God.
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